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Founded in 2004, Les Studios de Paris is a unique conglomeration of sorts. A blend of a rental agency, an interior design studio and an art gallery – all under the same hat. What unites the odd feathers of this rara avis is our main goal – making life more beautiful, integrating art and aesthetics in all our projects.
Art has always been the core of our company and the ultimate expression of our philosophy. We try to incorporate it in everything we do. This attitude steers our work. That’s why, when creating an apartment, we approach it as an empty canvas. For the painted ones, however, we’ve created Les Studios de Paris Art Gallery. Rent with us! Let us show you that Paris is as beautiful on the inside, as it is on the outside!

We know that coming to Paris is special for you. And we will do our best to offer you a singular and memorable time, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That is why each of our apartments has its own personality. You want to live in Picasso’s artistic atelier in Montmartre? Splash out like King Louis XIV in a fancy suite on l’Ile Saint Louis? Or come to be a modern Columbus on a houseboat moored on the river Seine? We’ve got the right apartments to suit any of those needs and more. We provide more than just housing, we give you the key to an aesthetic experience.

At Les Studios de Paris, we know that every property is unique and that all our clients have different needs. That is why we treat your estate individually. We can handle the singularity of your project and provide a one-to-one client service, tailored to suit your tastes, requirements, budget and lifestyle. We tackle everything from home staging flats to project managing apartment makeovers.
We are sensitive to both aesthetics and functionality while designing a space. We not only refurbish apartments. We create them. Because we want to make your "pied-à-terre" in Paris as unique of an experience as the city itself is.

Situated in the heart of Montmartre, Les Studios de Paris gallery intends to live up to the fact that Montmartre is the one place in the world with the highest concentration of artists per square meter. We provide an open space for singular art, inviting and accessible to diverse audiences. We seek to produce exhibitions that will engage you, inspire and encourage you to experience the realms of art. Our gallery’s driving philosophy is to bond art with people. We take pride in sponsoring artists who happen to be kindred spirits. Be our guest at 2, rue Androuet, Montmartre, Paris.

Les studios de Paris
2-4, rue Androuet Paris - 75018