Cn De En Es Pt It


We are contrarians, except for one thing: we are passionate about Paris. Who wouldn't?

We prefer private apartments to hotels, except for the Ritz.

We are looking for friendship, warmth, moments of intimacy, laughter, togetherness.

We want to know the contemporary artists even more than paying our tribute to all their invaluable ancestors.

We love Vissi d'Arte, the lyric café in the 17th.

We are crazy about our bakery 'Coquelicot' that makes the best baguette in Paris.

We are urban village dwellers, we live in the Greenwich Village of Paris: Montmartre.

We are radically switched-off.

We love art in all its forms.

We have our tea in Herend china from Hungary, not fashionable, yet each piece a contemporary work of art with historic dimension.

The idea of having a 'café crème' and a 'croissant beurre' at our favorite street café alone can make us happy.

We prefer the toilets of Café Marly* and the Ritz hotel to all other toilets in the world - except maybe those of Café Florian, Piazza San Marco.

We have a soft spot for Jacuzzi bathtubs for 2, champagne in Murano glassware and foie gras on grilled blackbread.

We can however live on rice and beans as long as there is art.

We are a crowd of Paris and art (a pleonasm) lovers who abhor the 'trendy' cult.

We go to 'Colette' (rue St. Honoré) only to see what to absolutely avoid.

We want to be an actor in our favorite city, not sit on the edge like a spectator.

We like to contribute to the culture of the places we are visiting. Paris is handing out lavish beauty. We will give it our music, our lyrics, our smiles, our deep-felt emotions in return.

We love people.

We love the unadjusted, the dreamer, the marginal, the rebel, the bad boy, the looser, the desperate.

We honor the artist.

We ignore the art critic.

We value friendship.

We like to share our enthusiasm about the most beautiful city in the world, about the people we met, the ones we love.

We want to present you a few of our clients and open this column to our guest for any contribution they wish to make to the manifesto, to the community or simply to Paris.

Send us your Paris-inspired comments, poems, songs, we will publish them here for all to share.

Discovering Montmartre

Homesick for a place I had never been

Written, illustrated and experienced by
Kimberly Curry

apartment_rental_paris Kimberly_Curry

Starting new things in autumn makes sense to me. Perhaps it is because I spent my formative years starting school in autumn.

Regardless, it was the ideal time for me to visit Paris for the first time. For years I said that I would visit Paris when I was old and rich. As it turned out, I was neither old nor rich, but one cannot pass opportunities when they present themselves.

When my lodging plans fell through a few weeks before my long-planned trip to France I did a quick search on the Internet and immediately discovered where I would stay: Montmartre.

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Jes, the Advenurer

   Jes the Adventurer

Today we want to present you Jes, the Adventurer. When we had our first email exchanges, Jes struck me by signing Love and Peace, instead of 'Kind Regards' or 'Yours Sincerely' ...

I proposed him 'Jeremy of So-Pi' our most special apartment the spirit of which Jes immediately captured. He was able to extract the essence of a place beyond materialism where the positive energy it emanates was enough to feed his soul and imagination. We became friends in the lapse of a week Jes spent in Paris and I was graced with a beautiful poem and a witty 'critique' of the 'Jeremy of So-Pi' apartment which I would like to present you here. (I suggest to read our 'Jeremy of So-Pi' presentation first to get the full meaning of Jes' prose)

(You can read more from Jes and his travel writer friend Wesley on

And here's Jes:

"After a bit of confusion we found the address, met Eva (property manager) and 19 Vintimille became my home the next 7 days. It usually takes me a couple of days to get into the groove of my surroundings and as that rings true for every other aspect of my holiday the studio itself was cozy and I instantly felt comfortable in it's setting (not to mention the compliments of a nice bottle of wine from Eva). I consider that a very nice touch!

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Les studios de Paris
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